Need Help with creating Surface

Hello everyone
I’m a Rhino beginner, i want to build this house in rhino but as you see the front surface is not simple . i have trouble creating this curved surface i tried many times but i was not satisfied with the result. I couldn’t create this smooth surface. what should I do?:worried:
Thanks in advance


for better understanding the problem perhaps upload file.

Update: There’s a link also where you can upload models bound by NDAs to McNeel, though I don’t know it. Perhaps someone from McNeel could post it here.

Perhaps it’s this one:

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thanks for sharing the link.
but I couldn’t upload the file here …


you need to use the “blend surface” and “match surface” command. Be aware that blending and matching is not trivial, and requires some experience. You may walk through tutorials first to truly understand how this works.
A good solution is always building up “theoretical” edges first. This means you model that shape with positional match only, and later you blend or fillet these edges.
(The upload button is located at the 7th icon at the “reply box” )

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thanks Tom
yeah it seems to be a good solution but i don’t know why for my model theses tools doesn’t work well. now i create 2 surfaces but i should make the edge smooth . i tried blend surface and fillet but didn’t work correctly for it…

Hi, I sent the link if you cannot share the file in public. You can drop it here, right in the textbox of the reply

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I could swear I saw you uploaded it on my phone but I don’t see the file.

If you don’t want to upload your project another way would be to just upload the curves that define the problematic surface.

Otherwise I doubt people will be able to help.

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yes i uploaded it at first. and then removed it. bcs i wanted to upload it in dropbox.
now the link in here


So from what I see the approach you’ve taken is not very correct.

This is not just some regular structure, you should look at it as a sculpture.

Create a few NURB curves to best fit then use Loft (loose loft).

Make sure your NURB curves have equal control point number and degree.

At least this is what I would do.
There will be a lot of “control point” play, like so:


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thanks for answer my friend.
how you create this surface ? which tools should I use. is it network surface ?

There are several ways,

  • create _Curve, copy them 20+ times however you need then Loft (loose).
  • create one curve extrude, then rebuild the surface changing the number of control points (_Rebuild)

You can delete/create rows of control points with _InsertControlPoint and _RemoveControlPoint

I found the fastest is draw line (or curve), extrude and rebuild, then start sculpting. This doesn’t look like a structure that needs steel bending so I assume double curvature is no problem.

I’m not saying this is the best approach out there, this is what I would do.

97.6.1 - house_re.3dm (7.0 MB)

This is your file with added my surface, you can use it or start over with new one, your choice.

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Thank you very much!
sure it will help me .thank you for spending time on it. :ok_hand:

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For nothing,

There were some Rhino plugins doing it easier, but since I rarely use any plugins I don’t know them.

Also you could try Grasshopper. The setup will take longer but you’ll end up with the same surface and the control of each control point will be easier with sliders.

If this is a training project and you can afford spending time on it, I strongly suggest doing it in Grasshopper, there you can create multiple variants.

If I find some free time maybe even I could try it in Grasshopper, it’s an interesting project.

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thank you so much my friend
Yes you’re right grasshopper is a better way but i’m beginner in grasshopper too. :confounded: this is a real project , the client sent this picture and i should remodel this in rhino at least the front surface and then export it to Revit for our BIM work. the main part of our work will start after modeling this surface…
unfortunately i have less time for this project but i will try it in grasshopper too.

Hi again my friend
you mentioned about grasshopper for this model, i want to do this but i’m beginner in grasshopper , how we can create it in grasshopper? can you help me about this.which tools should i use?

You’ll need these components:
Sliders - for X,Y and Z coordinates:


Construct Point - to create a points from the sliders:


Nurb Curve - to create curves from the points:


Control Point Loft or Loft - to create the surface from the curves:


But for this kind of surface I suggest you do it first in Rhino, then reverse engineer it in Grasshopper. Then be able to modify it from Grasshopper

Here’s a starting point:
97.6.1 - house_re_re.3dm (7.0 MB)

it is not exactly your surface, because I didn’t spend too much on it, but it’s a good starting point.

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thank you very much.
i think i understand what to do but i will start it and contact with you soon.:pray::ok_hand: