Curving on Rhino

Hi everybody.
I’m an optical frame designer . I used towork on 2D CAD like illustrator but my drawing now needs to be made in 3D . I choosed Rhino.

Optical frames are curved but cuted in flat plates…

I need to report my flat drawing on a sphere or a more complexe 3 dimensional surface.

Can anyone give me informations?

(Here is a drawing made with Illustrator, i’d like to realise the same thing in Rhino

I would start by making a set of lines that follow the middle of your sections. Take cross section curves at various places then try lofting or sweep rail/rails to produce a rough form. Then use trim and and sweep curves to refine the design, for instance where the frame meets the lens.

Hope that gives you somewhere to start from.

You could try it this way:

In the Front vieport, use “PictureFrame” to get your bitmap as background. Scale as necessary to get the dimensions as they should be. Trace over the drawing using “InterpCrv”, create top and frontal views:

Rotate the top view contour 90 degrees. draw a line parallel to the front and top view at the centre of the imaginary head. Create surfaces by rotating the top view section around your center line, using “Revolve”:

In the Front viewport, trim the surfaces with the front view curves:

“Loft” the edged of the resulting edges with each other to create the rest of the surfaces:

Round the edges with "FilletSrf"and “Mirror” (copy) the surfaces :

Not quite the result you were aiming for I guess, but it is a start.


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