Attractor point on a curved poly-surface? (outward descending gradient )

hello! im very new to grasshopper (and rhino) i’ve attached what my current model looks like and the gradient/shape im trying to achieve (im struggling to achieve this exact soft-edged triangle and how to spread it the way ive sketched) . ive followed multiple tutorials but none seem to work with my model and i often struggled with how to align the shape to the surface. if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated! thank you. (i have highlighted the surfaces i want this pattern on in red)

ATTEMPT 4 MODEL.3dm (4.2 MB)

this post with the very same pattern image might be of interest:

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A couple of interesting image search results with similar patterns below them:

Creating this pattern on one flat rectangle is the real challenge here. Applying it to surfaces on your model is relatively trivial by comparison.

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I managed to map your example image onto proportional sized sections of three of your roof surfaces using PreviewMat (Custom Preview Materials) from the human plugin, as suggested in this thread:

That plugin is apparently not supported in R8 so had to save your Rhino model as R7 to do it.

Creating the gradient mesh from scratch looks quite complex so far.

I used Image Sampler to create a surface from points, then intersected a plane to get edge curves for the holes, mapped them to roof surfaces from your model in which I cut the holes.

The same pattern is used on all three of your roof surfaces, obviously…


thank you so much for your help!! this is exactly what i was trying to do!

thank you for your suggestion! however, their solution wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. thank you nevertheless !

Really? I thought you were trying to create a similar gradient mesh rather than just copy the image. I had to reduce unit tolerance on this R7 copy of the Rhino file to 0.01, though flaws remain. And it is very slow, requiring a full minute after opening the file to see anything.

Roof geometries are internalized so no need for the Rhino file, except perhaps for unit tolerance. (266.2 KB)
ATTEMPT 4 MODEL_R7.3dm (11.9 MB)

Close examination of your Rhino file reveals “naked edges” where surfaces don’t meet properly.

P.S. Here is the version using PreviewMat (Custom Preview Materials) from the human plugin: (63.2 KB)