How to create a curve from two views which are NOT vertical (90 degrees)? e.g., two views with angle of 30 degrees

Hi everyone,

As we know in Rhino there is a curve tool “curve from 2 views”. twoviews . The two views must be vertical.
However, in my cases (medical images), a curve have two views with angle not equal to 90 degrees. Is it possible to create the curve from the two views?
Any suggestion and idea is so appreciated!!

I’m going to change the category to Rhino.

Hello - yes, Crv2View has command line options to set extrusion directions if you post pick the curves.


Thank you, Pascal, I will try as you suggest.
I may need your further help if meet other problems :).

I just did a quick test and it appears that Crv2View works for any pair of planar curves. The planes of the curves do not have to be orthogonal (90 degrees to each other). No need to specify any directions if the planar curves lie in the planes they were projected onto
crv2viewtest.3dm (35.6 KB) .


Thank you so much, David, for your kind help and test!
I am so happy to have such a confirmed answer!

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