WISH: Add option "Curve 2 View"

You could add an option (more curved or group of curves) in command “Crv2View”, so as to avoid having to do the same operation individually for each curve: too laborious if the curves are so many!

You lose a lot of time curve for curve (in my case are 4 curves, but if they were a lot more?) If there was an option that would allow you to select multiple bends or blocking would be better, in my opinion.

I haven’t used this command much in Rhino, but I believe the better workflow for this would be (from your initial starting image):

1 - create a general surface along the curve path
2 - trim/split the surface using the c-plane ellipse
3 - use the project curve to surface command

This would alleviate the individual curve selection process you accurately described as tedious.

“project” wouldnt work??