Crv2Views is doing something strange

Hi there Rhino Community

Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I hope someone can help me!
I’m having issues with getting the Crv2View tool to work the way I want it to.

I’m attempting this tutorial from YouTube (link is to the part where I struggled): 3D Graduation Ring Part 1, Rhino 4.0 - YouTube
My issue is that when I try to use Crv2View on my circle/conic, all I get is two weird open curves (see image attached), instead of getting a new circle that’s been created using the conic shape.
Am I doing something wrong? Or was this tool updated since the YouTube video was made in 2011?

Thank you so much to anyone who replies.

Hi Jessica- it’s the right place- can you export the two input curves to a new 3dm file and attach it to a post here? I’ll take a look.


Hi Pascal,

Attached is the ring file I’m working on and the two curves as a separate 3dm.
Thank you!

Exported curves for help.3dm (19.7 KB)
Graduation ring.3dm (224.3 KB)

Hi Jessica,
I think both curves in Crv2View command must be planar. Please select side curve of ring, enter SetPt command and set points in X direction. In other words it must looks like a straight line in top and front view.


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Hi Mohammad,

Ah that’s exactly what I needed to do! Thanks so much for your help!