Problem with Curve From 2 Views

Dear All

Hi there!
I am having a problem with the Curve 2 View Command.

As you can see from the attached file, I have made 2 planar curves at right angle to each other (on the Left).

However, when I run the Crv2View command it does not give the result as it would have when I project the curves ( Red crvs) manually into orthogonal surfaces and running the Intersect command (on the Right Hand side) which I believe is the manual way of making Crv2views.

You can see the results are different in that the one on the left (done by the command) do not touch at the original junctions while the manually produced on the Right do touch at the junctions (the Yellow curve).

My desired result with the Crv2view command would be that on the right.

Could any experts here be so kind to advise as to why this is so please?
Many thanks indeed!

kind regardsCRV 2 VIEWS PROBLEM.3dm (258.5 KB)


Hi Mori- I see this… you’ll get a more complete curve with the file tolerance set tighter, .001 or .0001.


Hi Pascal

O I see so its the tolerance value, thanks, it behaved well after adjustment.

Btw, are you the Pascal who posted the tutorial on Tolerance?

Thanks very much for your advise!
best regards

Guilty as charged…


O wow! what an honor to meet you Pascal! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!

Kind Regards