Curve from 2 View how to simplify?

When doing a curve from two views, the outcome is quite complex.
Is ther any way to simplify the output crv?

One solution seems to drag each control point of one of the original
curves to meet the other curve.

Other is rebuild.

Is there any sub setting in the curve from two view
to get a simple curve in the output?

Hi, If you want to use Crv2View, the result probably has to be faired. Either with Rebuild or FitCrv. There’s a quick exercise on the Leve lII guide that shows a possible workflow.

That being said… in most cases I drag the points as you say , from two orthogonal viewports. Works usually quite well, unless the curve is too complex.

Thank you. For the fit point is it extracting point from
the curve generated from crv2view?

Also is it possible to attach a direct link to the level 3manual?
I’m running Japanese WIN the training manual for level 3 seems not ready on the JP website which it redirects to.

Level II, that’d be. I mistyped the last “L” and the “II” became a “III” !

Here, in japanese: In the air scoop exercise, an intersection is faired using FitCrv to simplify it. There’s also a dedicated exercise in which a set of section curves are rebuild and manipulated to diminish the deviation.


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Thank you!

For the record I’ve had great success using Crv2view especially when viewing the sheer in profile and plan views of a 2D hull lines drawing and extracting both to get a perfect 3D sheer line. I then highlight the line, divide into any number of points and while highlighted, draw a curve through the points. When complete, I simply delete the highlighted curve and leave the fresh curve for some fairing if required. It’s a useful tool.

Is it something like this that you do?

  1. Draw 1st curve
  2. Draw 2nd curve
  3. crv2view
  4. use points in curve created from crv2view to make simplified curve?

Curve_using points from crv2view.3dm (30.0 KB)

@Robb I’m curious if there is any particular reason you don’t use Rebuild with the desired number of points?

Dear Toshiaki;

I failed to mention that for my purposes, I rotate in 3D the profile drawing portions of the lines plan such that it is vertical. Thus when choosing my two input curves, one is in plan view in the horizontal while the second line is in profile in the vertical. The resulting third curve is then in 3D space where it belongs. I will post a windows snip of an example later today. Cheers, Rob

Forgot to mention that I rotate the profile portion of the lines plan in 3D space such that it is vertical. I then choose the sheer line in profile and plan to use as the input curves for curve from two curves. The resultant curve is in 3D space where it belongs. See the attached. Regards, Rob

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Hi @Robb

I’m kind of getting it now.
What your doing here is copying a curve and rotating so that
both have same number of control points and those points in the same cplane as
the control point of the curve to be generated?

More importantly, it is the precise location of the two curves in question. If one needs to place a 3D curve in the proper place, one must have both input curves located in their appropriate place.

Thanks again.