Create specific curve

Hi !
I’m beginner in Rhino, appologise for my maybe stupid question:
how create curve from attach screen ?:

I have not found an example with my case anywhere - I want to get a specific combination of two projection curves - as you can guess, it is a bicycle seat, but not like the example film available on the Internet - mine has a different shape. Perhaps I am getting on with it the wrong way and should I start with the surface? I am asking for advice, please

Have a look at the command details in the Help file.
Start Crv2View again and tap F1.
My guess is you aren’t selecting the curves from the correct views.

No, it is limitation this tool. I must looking for another solution. Simple I need to draw a curve which is in some way the result of these two curves created by the crv2view tool.

@yabba235 Split the input curves at the “Quadrant (Quad)” points. These are the points on a curve at the maximum x or y point relative to the current construction plane

Turn the Quad Osnap on.
Split and select the Point option.
Select the first curve and move the cursor along the curve until it snaps to the Quad.
Complete the Split command.
Repeat for second curve.

Crv2View on each pair of curves.
Join or Match with Merge option the results.

Post a .3dm file with the input curves if you continue to have problems.

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Thank you !
This is what i was looking for !