How to change line "caps" for PDF export

Hello All

I seem to be seeing BOTH rounded ends and squared ends to my lines after printing to PDF. In the attached image you will see rounded ‘butts’ on the dimension strings, but squared ones on my drafting lines.

I’m currently using Rhino 5 Mac. Is there a solution to this problem?


Hi - Since this is Mac-specific, I’ve moved your post to a new topic.

From that picture, it looks like your curves are exploded into individual segments. You should get mitered joints when they are joined.

Also, in a quick test in the Rhino 6 WIP, I’m getting rounded caps in all cases. Have you tried that?

Apart from that, the feature request to support different end caps is on our Future list, i.e. to be looked at for Rhino 7 at the earliest.

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Good morning Wim

Thanks for moving the topic over.

I ran a quick test and you are correct that joining the paths creates mitred joints (image with white background).

Is there a tool in Rhino that will show the open ends of curves, or would I just have to check manually?

FWIW when you run PrintDisplay in Layouts it shows both joined and unjoined paths with rounded caps, they are indistinguishable (image with grey background).

As you suggest I will try the Rhino 6 WIP, sounds like my problem may be solved over there.


“CrvEnd” follow by “CrvStart” will show you where all you curves end… might help (in answer to the manual checking part)

or Just a global “Join” with the crvs selected? (but you might get undesired results…)

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You might also try the SelOpenCrv command.

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Good suggestions, thanks gents.