Line caps in rhino

Good afternoon¡

I am triying to create some 2D plan with rhino, but I dont like how thick lines looks like. Could I make the end of those lines rounded or at least join them? I attached some images, one of rhino and another one of autocad, that makes what I was triying to do

This is the Rhino file

This is what i am triying to achieve, it doesnt have to be rounded, but at least closed i think…

thanks a lot


This has been on the wishlist for a long time but has not been developed yet.

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Thanks Jhon¡ I think that it is very important cause if not…we should finish the drawings in other softwares that are much worst than rhino¡


Rounded end caps have been implemented in SR7 which will be available on Tuesday as an initial release candidate.

I think this has been tuned up - I think…, if I’m thinking of the right thing… hold on a bit, I’ll look for the bug.
oops. never mind - I say what Steve said.

Hey i found a very stupid solution…if i go to linetypes and i change the pattern insted of 1 to 2 or 3…suddenly the corners became rounded :rofl: