How to change line "caps" on rhino (round to butt)

I need to have crisp dotted lines on my Rhino drawing, but the default dotted line is rounded.
How does one change a ROUND line cap to a BUTT line cap?

I’m using the term “butt” from illustrator for a square end. Not trying to be comedic.


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I don’t think there’s a way to do that.
I remember way back in HPGL/2 driver days that was possible.
Maybe @stevebaer knows but I’m pretty sure you only get round line termination.

You’re right JB, we currently only support rounded ends.

Hi Steve,

Is there any talk at McNeel of adding this capability? It’s a small detail, but would be nice.

Not in the near future. There are other issues that are taking precedence.

Any news on this?

From WIP, I just exported a drawing to PDF, and I don’t like the line ends. I am looking for the opposite of @milosutter though: In my case the caps ends are square or butt, and I want them round.

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Bumping this up again. Small feature but would be great to control line cap and corner styles.


Hi - We have this feature request on our list as items RH-28649 and RH-2285.
Both these items contain some user information and are therefore visible to developers only.

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I used to use Adobe PDF to print, because it was faster than Rhino PDF. Last few months it does not use the font I selected properly and replaces it with some default one. If I print from Rhino PDF fonts work fine and it is also much faster now, but I realised that corners are suddenly butt/square. I want them to be round, conected and clean like before.

Please make sure to be on the latest Rhino 7 service release. I believe I fixed this recently.

I am currently running R6. It is something which came up with a new release of R6.