Fillet issue

Hi all,
I am facing fillet edge issue with attached model, I want to fillet edge with 2mm radius.
fillet issue.3dm (1.9 MB)

Hello - if that means you’d like to fillet all the way around the outer edge, you cannot at 2mm - the existing fillets/blends have a smaller radius than that along the edge:



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Yes Pascal, you are right and thanks for your reply …please also elaborate it where I have to increase radius from this image I am not able to understand it. At this moment edge softening from render tool is also working on this edge well.

edge softening has nothing to do with fillet edge, the first one is only for visualization purposes, not affecting the geometry like the Fillet does.
Generally you have to make the bigger fillets first, later the small ones.
In your case maybe you can try duplicating the perimeter edges, rebuild it using RebuildCrvNonUniform to smooth it a bit and use pipe to split the object. then you can use Sweep2 or BlendSrf to make the transition.

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Hi Diego Krause, Thanks for your reply and this is really helpful for me.:slightly_smiling_face:

you welcome

Hello - when filleting an edge, the radius of the edge itself cannot be larger than the radius of the added fillet - otherwise the fillet surface folds on itself:

and trimming fails etc.