Fillet Edges Error

I tried using the edges fillet tool, and it looks like Rhino is generating the proper surfaces but isnt replaces the original with the new rounded edges. Any ideas or help will be much appreciated.

Hello - FilletEdge cannot make fillets correctly if the fillet radius is not larger than the radius of the selected edge. The pointier parts of your shape appear to have a small radius.



So I produced these surfaces by extruding the curves, would the solution be to go back to the curves and fillet those pointer ends, and then repeat(extrude then filet edges).

Edit: Or better yet should I make these pontier make it so it is like a fine point(decrease the amount of curve points, theres quite a few.)

Hi Kobi - well, this case will fail:

You can adjust by adding handles on either side of the point with radii less than one, or fillet things all together, on a hard-edged extrusion.