How to avoid Distorted reflection on surface

Dear all,

I have a surface and It need to look good in render. Something likes the Cloud Gate:


I checked my surface with Emap:

Does anyone have a solution to make the reflection look clear and not too distortion for the surface?
(without changing too much the shape)

Surface.3dm (964.6 KB)

Thank advance,

Well if you want reflections like that object, it needs to be shaped like that, it needs smooth, more-or-less constant double curvature while what you’ve got is closer to a fillet between 2 straight surfaces, so the reflections are just going to do that. Now also remember that those Emap enviroment maps aren’t not high-resolution by modern HDRI environment standards, and you have the analysis meshes set to maximum coarseness, so I don’t know that what you’re worried about isn’t mostly just artifacts from that.

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Thank Jim,

Yes, I think so. I need to find another way to make good shape.

Well the surface quality of it seems alright for rendering, you should do an actual test render with a high-resolution environment. This is getting to very subjective territory here, I’m not sure how you expect a shape that’s nothing like a blob to have the same reflections as a blob.