How To: Auto-Detect Units After Inputting ([Number] [Space] [Number]) = ([Feet] [Space] [Inch])


This is one example that is applicable to other instances, but is it possible for VArq to auto-detect the units and apply feet and inches relative to this input format (number space number)?

For example, if I type in just the numbers for the width of a stair: (3 6) it won’t auto detect it as 3’ 6" (3 Feet 6 Inches) but rather, interprets it as 3" (3 Inches) which is incorrect. Will we see this feature included?

Thank you.

@MetDesignLab VisualARQ tries to follow the same workflow as Rhino in this case. The Space key is usually used as the Enter key and ends up a command so it might not be the best option for what you are asking for. Take a look at the Gumball, for example.
So rather than typing (3 6) you can just type (3’6) to indicate 3 feet and 6 inches.