Wish: Feet to inches tags

That there is an option to choose the units for the door or window tags in inches, in the case of the image it would be 32" x 80"

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Hi @miguelayora3,

vaTags use the units of the Rhino file. However, I see there is a problem when using inches in the Rhino file because values are shown in feet; I will report this to be fixed.

Anyway, I understand that sometimes you may need to use centimeters for the vaTag even if the file is in meters, so I will need your request to the wishlist.

Hi again @miguelayora3,

I have just seen this is not a bug, VisualARQ is taking the units and format from the Rhino file so we can only use these options:

The most similar format to what you need is choosing “Decimal” in the distance display.

Anyway, we will link the vaTag text to annotation styles so that you can define the format this way instead of having VisualARQ taking it automatically from the Rhino file.

Yes, I think that’s the best way. By the way, what do I have to do to get this request placed on the wishlist?

Hi @miguelayora3,

You just need to tell me and I will add it for you.

Sorry about this, I meant to write “add” instead of “need” :sweat_smile: The right sentence is “I will add your request to the wishlist”

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