Feet to inches table

How can I make a table that shows the units in inches within a template in feet? I have tried to do this but for example when I get a table of doors I get the units in feet with inches, and I only want them to appear in inches.

Hi Miguel, VisualARQ tables in imperial units documents always show certain properties with specific units regardless if the document is in Feet or in Inches. For example, Length units are displayed in inches while the Area or the Volume are displayed in ft2 and ft3. Unfortunately it is not possible to edit that right now.
We are planning to improve this in future versions and let the user decide which units they want to display for each property field in tables.

I look forward to the tables that can be customized measurements

Thank you

By the way how can i get this?

@miguelayora3 that’s a sneak preview animation of VisualARQ 3. Not yet available.