Unit Issues with VisualArq tools

Might be a simple solution, but when I try to create walls in feet the units are not matching exactly. For example when I try to enter five feet in the command line I get a 60 foot long wall. All my units are set to feet but it seems that everything is being multiplied by 12 for some reason. Is there a setting I’m missing that can correct this? Rhino polylines seem to work fine, I get a 5 foot line when I enter 5 feet. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, what VisualARQ version are you running? (type vaAbout to check it out). There was an error related to what you are describing here, but it was fixed in the current VisualARQ 1.9.7 version. If the problem persists with the 1.9.7 version, please send the .3dm model to visualarq@asuni.com and we will check it out.