Wishlist: Allow Basic Math Functions in VA Input Boxes

Rhino Command Bar, Gumball etc. allow for basic Math functions.

Ie. instead of calculating 1.333333 you can type 1/3, or your length divided, ie. 2.56/5.

This is not possible in VA object properties Input Boxes. Can it be enabled without too much hassle on the programming side?

Bonus: Ideally, it should support units as well. Ie. Write 1ft or 10in and get the equivalent in Model Units. If it is easy to use the Native Rhino Module that accomplishes this (math+unit conversion) it would be maybe the easiest and safest way to go.

See screenshot.



Hi @flatform,

This feature is planned for VisualARQ 3, and it’s already partially implemented. We plan to support:

  • Basic math operations (+ - / * ^ etc.)
  • Complex formulas (parenthesis, math functions SIN, COS, SQRT, FLOOR, etc.)
  • Unit suffixes (mm, km, meters, etc)
  • Conditionals (IF) and comparison operators (< <= = >= > <>)
  • Parameter and properties reference

The syntax will be similar to Excel / Revit / VBA. For example, our idea is to set the step riser height of a stair to a value like:

Riser = "IF(heigth < 2m, 20cm, height / 10)"

We still don’t know if all parameters and properties will support formulas.



Very nice to hear. Keep up the good work.