How to assign Object Attribute to multiple-item branch


I’m struggling to get my geometries baked because there’s a difference in the amount of geometry- and attribute values.

In this example I have 115 geometries but only 111 Object Attributes, because objects in branch 0;48 and 0;49 both got 2 extra items due to trimming. I want to assign the same layer info to these sub-items.

I think I have to graft the geometry input 1 time so i will get 0;48;0 , 0;48;1, 0;48;2, but then I have to find a way to duplicate the Object Attribute from position 0;48;0 to 0;48;1 and 0;48;2 to achieve the same list length. Same story for 0;49.

Is there a way to match these two data trees?

I hope it’s clear, if not please tell

Trim tree on Attributes then use longest list before grafting into the bake component.

Clean your trees first and make sure everything matches on each tree.

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Trimming the tree with Object Attributes made it work! The object info was correctly assigned to all geometries in the corresponding branch.

Thank you.