Elefront Generate Geometry from CSV

I have succeeded to load CSV data and generate squares by it. However, I now would like to bake (building) information into it. But it seems I have not understand the whole baking concept of elefront. Hope somebody can help…


elefront csv.gh (10.1 KB)
Example.csv (45 Bytes)

Hello Christoph,

There are several ways to attach your custom attributes. For example. you could generate custom UserValues and attach them to your objects. The component Define Object Attributes lets you define Layers, Names, Key & Values.


Hi Bumaye,
Thank you for the tip. I am able to add one attribute / value pair but not multiple elements. Any clue how to do this?

if the geometry is grafted (ideally down to 1 object) the corresponding attributes would be branched the same.

In the case above you would graft your User Values list & match up to a similar geometry branch/list. {0}[0],{1}[0],{2}[0],{3}[0]

if you have multiple User Keys the User Values would have the same amount of items per branch. 2 user keys, 2 items each branch for each single geometry branch.

Maybe I do not understand the core concept about this but your remark helped me. (that I also need to put the geometry into the tree structure). Below my sloppy solution. Thank you!

What I now need to try how to set multiple attributes for one element…

You are going to have a matching issue due to having 5 (Series count) rectangles and 4 attributes.

Hi Rickson
It works! Thanks a lot. I never went into the details of the “graft” / “simplify” buttons. Need to learn it.

No problem. FYI, If you use a bakename (just 1, not branched) it will replace the previously baked geometry each time.