Assign objects to points by attributes (Elefront)


I am struggling with the following situation and need some help. I have 3 type of geometry, and 14 origin points. All geometries and points have an ID attribute. I would like to assign and match the geometry attributes with the origin point attributes. (so for example, 01 to 01, 02 to 02 etc.) So basicly I try to put the geometry to the same named origin point attribute.

assign_object_to_point.3dm (55.9 KB) (15.6 KB)

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You should always mention if you are working with plugins, not everyone has these loaded. (8.7 KB) g)

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Thank you very much for your help! And you’re absolutely right I need to mention that. I change the topic name added ‘Elefront’ to it. I hope your solution can help to someone else too.

Thank you again!