Bake object to certain layer

Hi guys,

I came across a problem when using the latest version of elefront and would be great if I can find help here!
I am trying to bake things with bake object.
However, in the previous version, we got a define attribute component.
In the version 5.1.2 there is only elefront attribute.
I looked at lots of places, but sadly still don’t know how to use it and bake objects to certain layer.

Is it still possible now?

Thanks a lot!

Very much still possible! With elefront attributes component, feed the A output into the A input of the bake objects component.

To set the layer you may need to right click on the Elefront Attributes component and click “Show all parameters” then feed the layer name or name(s) into the the L input. And I believe with 5+ you have to give it the full layer path so as an example if your have sub layers you need to feed it a layer name like: My Main Layer::My Sub Layer Name I want to bake to. The :: denotes a nested/sub layer

One of the bigger changes in 5+ is the addition of pass through components so double check components in question by right clicking and showing all inputs to see what is available as many are hidden by default.

Cheers hope that helps!

Problem solved!!!
Thanks a lot!! :grin:

You’re welcome!

Thank you Michael for the explanation. Can you post a quick example?

Sure Grey,

I can share an example when I have availability next. I’ll keep you posted

Here’s a simple example of the baking logic:

Collapsed Version:


I may be missing something? I can’t seem to get this to work. Elefront is so useful to me & I would like to take advantage of the newest version. Any help appreciated. :pray:t3: :pray:t3:

Hi Keen, Use the Longest list component to create a matching attribute Tree, then graft your inputs into bake objects.


Thanks so much for the astonishingly fast response, now I get it. Worked perfectly.

Hey thank you for this. Has helped me many times

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You’re welcome! Happy to help!