How to add Pipeline setting into V7 template other settings Artistic?

V7 and V5
I have matched into V7 the settings I use in Rhino Options>Display modes from V5.

  1. In V5 I had taken a copy of artistic and altered it. In ‘Copy of Artistic’ , in ‘other settings’ I had Pipeline as Technical 2D.
    In Artistic it wasn’t there. I cannot recall how I got it there into the copy !
    However, as I am replicating these templates in V7, how do I add that into that section in ‘Copy of Artistic’ in V7 ?
    I had good reason to have it, but what is it, what effect etc ?

  2. I don’t see in V7 ‘Surface Edge Settings’, (set to pixels) and Colour reduction section that is seen on first page of any display mode in V5, where is that now as it I recall was a ‘go to’ setting for me.

  3. I also don’t see Stereo Mode anywhere, though I haven’t used it yet but was intrigued to do so. For 3D it sounded great.

  4. I have display modes in V5 without seeing same in V7, I wouldn’t have made them.
    They are:-
    HM2_Render Speed
    Rendered Single colour mesh

Do I need to create them in v7 I wonder, seeing that V7 doesn’t have them, perhaps they were binned through lack of demand.
If I had used one of them on a project and I happened to open that project in V7, what would happen ?



It’s under each individual display mode under Objects>Surfaces

All the ‘HM2’ modes have been installed by Holomark 2 which you ran at one point in V5 I assume. You don’t really need them except to run the Holomark program, and if/when you do they are automatically installed, so I wouldn’t bother transferring them.

‘Rendered Single colour mesh’ is some other custom mode you installed at some point in V5, you might as well transfer it and see how it works in V7.

Display modes do not get saved with projects (although there are open requests for that).


…as for

  1. how do I add in that Pipeline setting in ‘copy of artistic’ and what does it do ?


  1. stereo mode , was it dropped as no good ?