Wish: custom display modes

sometimes i tune display modes the way i need them to look in order to fit a certain presentation style. then i just make screencaptures and use them in presentations. no need for rendering sometimes.

there doesn’t seem to be some kind of default display-mode-template with which i can start from scratch in order to create a mode that looks like i need it to be (like fit into a certain style of presentation).
some options you can only get/edit by copying a specific mode.

a template from where i can access/create/edit all the settings which are spread over the different modes would be great.

another suggestion:
a display mode option which allows to control the line-width/color/opacity by its distance to the camera position. when you have models where there is a lot going on but you still want an idea of all the stuff. similar to ghosted-mode, but taking more care of the lines/curves. think that would be great.

There are two different display pipelines in use in Rhino - OpenGL and Technical2D (apart from the basic and limited Windows pipeline). These are two completely different ways of painting the screen and the settings of those cannot be mixed. Is that what you refer to when you say that you cannot get to certain options? Or do you see other settings that are not available to you?

ok, maybe that’s why i’m missing/can’t find some settings when i create a new mode.
i’ll check that when the new wip is out and the display modes are editable again - hopefully.