How to add input & output text in component

these days ,i am doing custom attribute.
in this case,i override the render and use a capsule.
but the text is null(i draw in red area),i know,may be i can add text by graphics.DrawString(),but i guess there may be more easier method(than DrawString)to do this.
hope some one can help,thank you!

Graphics.DrawString is what Grasshopper itself ultimately uses. Nothing wrong with that approach.

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Hi @DavidRutten,

What is correct way to draw a scaled text on a 4k screen?
I do notice in new GH, GH_FontServerStandardAdjusted has been added. But this won’t work with the GH in Rhino5.

Currently, I use GH_FontServer.Standard.Height to check if the screen is scaled. (4k: 29px, 1080p: 15px)

GH on Rhino 5 doesn’t do screen scaling at all. You can try and work it out, or switch to R6 if this is a problem for you. You’ll also get a lot of other bug fixes and new features with that upgrade, so it’s not just to fix this one issue.

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