Grasshopper component not displaying full names

no text is coming in full everything is like partially hidden like grasshop… (the last 3 characters of the text are hidden )
draw full names is already selected

(i can work without draw full names but this problem also effects annotation that you give to groups, and the python component even when draw full names is selected or not selected )

Is this happening in Rhino5 or Rhino6?

rhino 5

Then it’s probably because your screen scaling is not 100%. Grasshopper on Rhino 5 didn’t know how to deal with that so it gets confused a lot about font and icon sizes. This has been fixed in Grasshopper for Rhino6.

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changed screen scaling to 100% and everything is back to normal
thanks a lot
i was really driving me crazy i even uninstalled and reinstalled rhino and grasshopper trying to solve it