Human display render text to screen


HI. I used a component that render text on the screen in Human. I connected it well in grasshopper, but the text doesn’t match correctly.

Problem-1 : the text connected and the screen text are different (“building height” text are repeated)
Problem-2 : I can’t see the “bulilding footprint” text on the top. plus, It doesn’t work even if I move the Z axis.

Thank you in advance.

In general without a file it’s harder to say…

Make sure you don’t have a different amount of values in the Text input and the Location input.
Here I believe you have more points in Location input than lines in you panel for the Text input.

For the location on screen, the height of the text is controlled by the Y coord of your points, not the Z.
Think of your screen as a XY plane system, where {0,0} is at top left corner.
X is pointing to the right, and Y is pointing downward.

Here, the start value moves both to the right and downward.

Hope it helps !

Thank you for your help. I can control my problem now.