How do you set drawing scale?

How do you change drawing scale from 1:1 to something like 1:4? I would think this would be rather obvious and easy, but I have been trying to figure it out for a while now.

Well, you don’t really… Most of the time you want to stay at 1:1 of whatever units you’re modeling in.

Scaling a “drawing” is usually something done when you want to print (on paper or to a file) - which can either be done via the Print dialog, or you can go more sophisticated and create a Layout page that has the proper printing scale.

Here’s some info and a full tutorial on layouts

HTH, --Mitch

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So what if I want to import a drawing I did in another program that was created using a scale of 1:4?

What if I’m drawing something large, like a building and I want to stay on the construction grid?

Why would you feel like you need to do that? You can change the extents of the grid or you can work in other units. Meters instead of millimeters, km instead of m, or even use custom units.

But the bottom line is that you are looking for a problem that is not there.