Discovering what scale a model was drawn in

Hi All,

Casual user of Rhino only, so apologies if this is a very simple function which I’ve missed. I got sent a drawing to interrogate, but with no obvious indication as to what scale it was drawn in. Is there a simple command, function or sequence that I can use to determine what was used?

Any help gratefully received.


Rhino objects are generally drawn 1 to 1 and DOCUMENTATION set to scale. If you got a PDF or paper drawing with no scale listed, I’m not sure how you can other than measuring the dimensions of a known entity like a door, and doing the conversion. More advanced users may have better info.

Well, these days, things are normally drawn 1:1… Drawing to scale was invented so that things larger than a sheet of paper could be fit on that sheet and represented proportionally accurately. CAD has no such sheet size limitation.

That said, if you are in possession of a scaled drawing, unless you know the approximate size of a given feature in the drawing, it’s anybody’s guess.

English and metric have different scaling conventions. English unit progressions are generally fractional often with x inches = y feet, that usually go by double or half - 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, etc. Metric scales are most often represented as 1:X and go by decimals i.e. 1:100, 1:200, 1:500, 1:1000 etc.

Dear All,

Thanks for the advice so far. It is map of several buildings, so definitely isn’t drawn on a 1:1 scale. At the moment I’ve taken an approx measurement from Google Earth. It would be good to get the precise scale…

Cheers all.


I usually use a special tool called zoom that allows me to quickly change the scale of the drawing