How to have Scale 1:5?

I have draw a figure for building but I need to change the size of the design to be Scale 1:5 , but honestly I’m not sure 1:5 equal how many CM, so, is there away to convert any object from CM to Scale 1:5 ?

Can you explain a bit more why you need to do this and what is your end goal?

If it is a drawing do know that Layouts let you specify a custom scale.

Regarding the model… 1:1 basically means real size. So 1:5 means dividing the real size by 5.
That is the same as scaling by 1/5. You can input that directly into the Scale command.

As a point you can pick anywhere or maybe you want it it remain in the same place, in that case you can create the Bounnding Box of your model with BoundingBox command, and extract the ground face and use its center as the center for scaling.

PD: if your model measures 10cm in height, just divide it by 5 and that is your new height in scale 1:5.

Thank you for the info, it’s help me a lot, actually I’m drawing a building with real size but I need to print it using 3d printer as scale 1:75 .