Copy of Technical Display Changes Options


Why would a copy of the Technical Display mode change the available options. It was identical, but after tweaking a few of the settings it switched.

The main item missing is “Show Hidden Lines”

A spanking new copy of Technical works fine.

Ah, now I’ve broken that one too.

Was playing with these settings in the copies.

Done it for a third time now. I think it is something to do with changing the silhouette line width. I was changing line widths randomly and clicking OK after each of the 4 or so changes and the silhouette one seems to be the issue. Was using the value arrows on-screen.

It is not doing it in the original technical display mode.

Thanks for this report it took a bit to reproduce it but it happens consistently here if you toggle the other settings>pipeline to OpenGL… which is the only choice as of this post. Filed as

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