Display mode "Copy of Technical" did not keep same settings after a few edits

Hi all

I am running Rhino 6 (Commercial) and I found I am not able to get same set of settings under a copy of display mode “Technical” like typical for Technical display mode. When I make a copy and apply a few edits in that “Copy of Technical” (especially in main section and Objects>Lines section), it will transform to a different set of settings, same which we can find in “Rendered” display mode. But my need is to keep same set of settings which is avalable for Technical. I just want to check different checkboxes and tweak few parameters.

Is it a bug or normal behavior now? What is causing this problem?

Thank you for your help.

(this is initial state - set of settings I need to keep available)

(few edits in this section “Lines” and several in main section “Copy of Technical”)

(but changes lead to transformation into a different set of settings)

Hi @PiT_79,

Do you also experience trouble with settings in general like Rhino 6: Settings continuously reverted back to default ?


Hi Nathan

I did not notice yet. Probably no, not so far. Only the display mode.
But I noticed in the forum right now, there is a new build for Rhino SR1, but i am using still SR0 (weird I was not prompt to download a newer build),
I will update it for SR1 and check it all again.

After update (From Rhino 6.0 to Rhino 6.1), it looks it works fine now :slight_smile:
Sorry for confusion. I was not noticed by the Rhino to install an update…

Good to hear everything is OK now.

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