How do I trim?

I recently downloaded Rhino to use for modeling handmade crafts and I am very much a novice user. The help manual did not appear to be very clear to me about how to trim away certain areas. I keep typing “Trim” in the command bar and then selecting the shape I want to use as a ‘cutting object’ (assuming it is the object I want to use as a boundary for the cut), but whenever I hit enter to complete the cut, nothing happens. I want to know what I am doing wrong. ExtendLines=yes and ApparentIntersections=no. I am still in the process of forming straight lines.

Hi Marisa - the workflow for Trim is: Select the cutting objects, then <Enter>, then click on the objects that you want to trim on the parts to trim away: click, click, click on the victims, to trim (or window select the parts to trim works as well). <Enter> to finish the command when all the stuff is trimmed that you need. If you start the command with objects selected, Rhino assumes these are the cutting objects and then just asks you to select the parts of the victims to trim away.

Note Split has the order reversed: Select the objects to split first, then the cutters and <Enter>.


Every time I use one and then the other close together in time, I ask myself “What??? Why did they they make this inconsistent? Did it just come out that way and nobody feels like fixing it, or is there an actual good reason that’s just not obvious to me?” I also need to take a mini-moment each time I go to use one or the other to ask myself “Which one am I using? Is this the one where the cutters are first or the one where the cuttees are first?”

Hi Al - I guess it could work the other way - with nothing happening until all the splittees are selected &<Enter>. It does not seem as convenient, to me, with pre-selection.