Issues with splitting/trimming

So in the image, what I am trying to do is trim the bits of the cylinders off of the left side so I have this smooth effect on the left and the more orthogonal bits on the right. The issue is however that no matter what I do I cannot get it to trim or split. I’ve extended all the sides out so that the shape I want extends out of the shape I’m trying to trim and nothing. Somehow the only way it works is if I I move the cylinder even the slightest millimeter up or down, it will split, but it will not split in the exact location that I want it which is extremely annoying. Does anyone here have any suggestions? I’ll leave the file too if it helps.

PrecStudy.3dm (1.6 MB)

Hello- I’m not sure I’m interpreting your note correctly, but is the attached something like what you need?
PrecStudy_Maybe.3dm (297.2 KB)


Yes! Thanks so much! Would you mind explaining how you did that? Was it simply extending that other perpendicular surface?

Hello - there needs to be a complete intersection between the cutter and the victim for Trim to work - I made a surface that extends all the way through your cylinders and not just part way through. Your surfaces had these curves of intersection with the cylinders (ghite):

Mine had these (green):


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