Trim and Split

Select Trim and you’re asked to select the cutting object and then the object to trim. Select Split and you’re asked to select the object to split and then the cutting object. I’m old and easily confused; why not the same selection order for both?

(And on a related subject which I’ve mentioned before - as well as Trim cutting back to the cutting object, could Trim be made to extend objects to the “cutting” object? Then if you’ve got several lines which have to end at another [for instance] Trim will both extend the ones that fall short and shorten the over-length ones in one command).


Have you tried the _Connect tools?
This is a Trim/extend tool that does what you are looking.

Thanks Skysurfer, I hadn’t used that tool. I’ve been using Fillet with 0 radius, but this is great as it means I can keep fillet at any other radius I might be using and not switch back and forth between it and zero.

But it’s not what I meant. Suppose you had one line (Line A) which several other lines had to butt up too, and some of these lines fell short of Line A and some were too long. See attached images. First select “cutting” line (line A), and then select all the other lines and they either trim or extend.

Yeah, I see.
In this case you have to go with two step:

  1. Trim
  2. Extend

If you choose the extend and then the reference line, then you can drag a windows to extend all the line in a shot.
Windows selection works also for trim :wink: