How do I stop Rhino from moving newly created layers to bottom of list?

When I have a layer highlighted in the layer list, and then create a new layer, it appears right underneath that layer.

Some times these new layers jump from that position where I created them to the bottom of the layer list.

How do I stop this from occurring?


I hope they fix this, given up on McNeel doing so in V5, we are just stuck with this bug, drives me nuts,
came with V5, V4 didnt have this bug. it is the #1 pain.

only way is to remember as soon as create a layer, to move it up and then down with arrow buttons back to where you placed it, 1 up and 1 down is enough.

You will forget at first but it comes naturally after some time of having to go search for the layers.


Wow really, hard to believe, a bug in such a simple prominent function after what 10 years.
Well luv U anyway Rhino.

How do you expect something like that to be fixed? You have been asked repeatedly to provide steps to reproduce this issue. You have never answered any of these requests.

I haven’t seen this happen in the RH6 WIP yet. Have you had a chance to try to reproduce the issue there?

No have not tried that yet, but I will check it out when I get a chance Thanks.

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@Flubber I haven’t seen this behaviour either. If you’re able to reproduce it, then please let us know.

wim…Pascal came forth with the fix, so the bug was thus acknowledged as there was a solution. With so much on I am not aware of repeated calls to show it despite already feeling that it was acknowledged as a bug, some things get overlooked, especially when busy climbing over hurdle after hurdle including finding layers that have moved.
How does one show it happening, a video I suppose, but I struggle to find a way to make and upload, the fact that someone else has same issue I didnt dream it, happens to me a lot.

I will try to think of a way to show it happening, do a step by step screenie or something.


sat here in pyjamas as there is no time like the present, breakfast can wait !
attached a step by step in photoshop of what happens. print screen by printscreen, step 1 at base of layers palette, turn off all photoshop layers then turn them on 1 by 1 starting at bottom.

I have it do this whilst working, this time I decided to close and open layer palette as I do when working, that from memory does it, didnt on this occasion, closing and opening the file did it !

layers (3.1 MB)


I cannot read psd files…

from Google:
PSD is a proprietary file that allows the user to work with the images’ individual layers even after the file has been saved.

I cannot reproduce this…


see long jpg attached, another 20 mins spent , hope this is visible.

start at top, the timeline is downwards.

3 weeks behind thanks to central heating debacle so need to catch up with work backlog, so I dont have time just now to try for a normal working time on a file and study it by the minute for when it happens, and also keep doing screen captures at every stage of the workflow, as not started my days work yet through other things going wrong here, to replicate if it happens with layer palette turned off and on, it did it as can be seen with closure of rhino. thats for sure.

V4 never did it, V5 does it. V4 and V5 on tower and laptop. tower win7, lappy xp.
Will do this test on lappy when get time.


Steve, I do a lot of importing exporting of OBJ files, and this layer moving is concurring to me.
Wondering if you are doing that too?

I only bring objects or curves from one file to another using edit copy edit paste, most of the time I am working within a file,
taking final product out for clarity purposes, grab the final bits and leave behind the mess ! make into stl etc.

It does it for me even in a new file as seen