Are you supposed to be able to add a new layer in the middle of the list?

I just want to confirm this, maybe I’m confused and I’m trying to do something beyond rhino V5 capabilities, and I think its a bug. If you have a layer thats highlighted in the layer list lets say in the middle of the list, are you supposed to be able to add a new layer just under the highlighted one and it will stay in that position, because when I do this the new layer will not stay there it jumps to the bottom. Or can you only add new layer to the bottom of the list in rhino.


Nobody has been able to reliably reproduce this issue. I’ve had it happen to me before but can never get the steps down to be able to trigger this so that others can have that happen. So, 1) does that happen every single time for you? 2) what are the exact steps (please include a model that you save, open and check if the issue reproduces).

At any rate, this is not something that will be fixed in RH5 so could you try this in the RH6 WIP? Nobody has seen this happen in that version so far.

And a quick work-around: add your new layer under the highlighted one and immediately move it up and back down. That should keep it in place.

Thanks Wim for chiming in on this, It doesn’t happen every single time. I have been trying to watch it and find some correlation as to when it occurs, sometimes it seems to be consistent others random. I have been using Rhino off and on since 2000, as I switch around from software . I know I only started to notice this In V5 but just wanted to confirm that one was in fact supposed to be able to add a layer in the middle of the list ( I thought so but wanted to check). Recently I am doing a project with rhino and it has lets say a lot of layer activity so I really notice this.

It interesting that this is something that some people don’t experience, is this potentially a Windows or an individual computer thing is, that possible?, that some people have with their machines?

Do you know if there are any plugins that produce an enhanced layer box?
For me I work a lot with the layers list and I wish I could make this text information customized to my liking, like increase font size add spacing between lines, ect, basically just make it more visually friendly and customizabel information that one indexes often infact some times constanly while working.

Probably not or else it would be very consistent for those specific users. It must be something workflow-related - or at least some combination thereof and (system) settings.

I don’t know of such plug-ins. But that could probably be done through Grasshopper with for example a combination of Human for getting the Rhino layer information and Human UI for displaying things (@andheum?) or with Conduit.

Hi Lisa - this is not a real answer to your question - but it may be helpful to look into LayerStateManager, if you do not already use it, for managing large layer sets with a less painful amount of clicking.