New layer at top of palette shoots to bottom when layer dragged into same

I have a few layers atop a very lengthy palette and decide to create a mother layer with these as children within.
Create the layer and name it.
Drag the first layer into it and it vanishes. Its gone right to the bottom of the palette taking a few others I had created earlier with it.

I have to drag it and also those others all the way back to the top, and I have LOT of layers so that takes a while.

Should it do this ?


Probably not… thanks, I’ll add the bug to our pile.


There is something very odd and annoying happening with layers, I have just found layers I had created at the top and been working with at the top earlier today missing, and lo and behold, they are now at the bottom of the stack, and I see others there that were at the top a few days ago, its like draining the ocean in the bermuda triangle area, trouble is dragging them to the top takes ages as I have many layers.

I also wondered where my active layer was as I have been keeping that at the top recently, and it was the very last one at the bottom.

Needs a move to top icon as its very tedious keep dragging things upwards as its not exactly fast.

Is anyone else having this happen ?


Please as it was July 2014 when first mentioned, could someone fix this ?
I had hoped this annoying layer activity would cease. Its not my PC because…
I have a new PC , I have installed V5 and its updates.
I am using it for the first time,

The layer I had created earlier on in the session AT THE TOP OF THE LAYER PALETTE is missing, and where is it, at the bottom of the stack…
Knowing I had flagged this bug up, I had hoped it would have been fixed.

I am forever losing my layers, I have hundreds of layers in this project and they are going walkies.

Dragging the layer back to the top takes ages, is there a way of getting it back there quickly ?

and having written this out, I return to my project, and the layer I just created, now thats gone, yes its down at the bottom along with the last but one, two of them to drag across hundreds of layers.

and I try for the first bug mentioned, create a new layer. then drag a layer from below it into it, and it vanishes, ITS SHOT TO THE BOTTOM ALONG WITH ITS NEW CONTENT.


This is truly basic stuff and a real pain, we cant have layers with a mind of their own !

Can someone write a code or something until this is fixed I can run to move a layer back to top of a layer palette with hundreds of layers, takes me just under a minute per layer to drag it there, touching top and letting it scroll, one layer at a time, if you let go it gets inside another layer and of course that can then cause that to shoot to bottom !

I shall be forever moving layers up again though, even with code, so best an update occurs .


I would like to see this fixed as well but perhaps you have noticed that it’s hardly the only thing on the list of things to fix and this one is not something that gets complained about all that often. :blush:

Note that as a work-around you could select your other layers and then just hit the little arrow down icon in the layer palette to move them below your new layer. A possible set-back with this is that nested layers need to be collapsed before you can move them… @pascal is that something that is worthy of a YT entry of its own?

Yeah, this is annoying…


Disappearing layers must surely be important, they have your model on them, you lose the ability to work.

I think if its not going to receive a fix, and its been 6 months now, I stand a better chance of working with this bug if I have some code to move a layer back to the top.

Anyone good at coding ?

I have hundreds of layers on this job, and this is a nightmare. Else I revert to V4 but I want to try and move fwd and stay with V5.


A workaround has been posted by wim at

layer bug fix in thread on selection colour

experiment shows it to work.

  1. create layer1, allocate object and save and close rhino, reopen and layer shot to bottom :frowning:
  2. create layer2, allocate object and move layer up down one line with arrow tools, save, close reopen, its still there :slight_smile:
  3. create ‘Mother3’ layer, then take layer1 and drag and drop inside it (child) , it immediately shoots to bottom.
  4. create ‘Mother4’ layer then take layer2 and drag drop inside it, it shoots to bottom.
  5. create ‘Mother5’ layer then move up/down 1 layer with arrow tools, drag drop into it layer1 and it stays put :slight_smile:

To avoid any layer moving from where you create it move it up/down with arrow tools, 1 up 1 down is enough it seems.

Until this is fixed you have saved the day !

FANTASTIC. 6 months of hell over.