Updating layers list

Hi McNeel and all

V5, latest RC - but it’s been like this for a while (maybe always?).

If I create a new layer and afterwards call Changelayer to move objects to that new layer, the pop-up list presented by the Changelayer command has the new layer placed at the bottom of the list - even if the layer is placed higher up in the hierachy. If I - before running the Changelayer command - move the newly created layer (eg. up, then down again), it seems as if the list is updated, and the layer is in the correct position. Can this be tuned up, so that the layer list is updated when a new layer is created?

TIA, Jakob

This one is on top of Steve1’s pet peeve list :slight_smile: and it has been like this at least throughout RH5.

I’ve looked through what I can find on YT for layer issues and couldn’t find one for this behavior.
It seems like there have been fixes to export to different formats and something for madCAM but nothing that really fixes this so I just made a new issue: RH-33640

Note that saving the file should have the same effect as moving the layer up and down.

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Can you provide simple step-by-step instructions on how to repeat this? So far in my simple testing, I am unable to replicate what you describe.

I should also add that there are quicker ways of changing layers. You can select objects and then pick the Properties panel and change the layer. You can also select objects, click the Layers panel, right-click on the layer and choose Change Object Layer.

And even quicker still, is to click on the layer satus window while the objects are selected and choose a layer…

@Normand, @wim: Can you provide step-by-step instructions on how to repeat what is reported?

Hi Dale (CC: @brian) ,
I have tried to reproduce the issue with layers moving to the end of the list (either in the list presented by ChangeLayer or in the layer manager) but was unable to do so. I used to see this frequently in the distant past but learned how to work around that and perhaps have gotten stuck in behavior that prevents this from happening.

I was hoping that @Normand or @steve1 could also try to trigger the issue but unless that happens I’m fine with a “won’t fix” on http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-33640 .

Hi @dale

Sorry for the late reply - deadlines, deadlines and deadlines :slight_smile: I’ve attached a short swf-movie showing the issue as I experience it. Basically I create a new layer in the desired location (below an existing layer) by right clicking in the layer menu and selecting New Layer. I then select some object(s) and call ChangeLayer in the prompt (alias cl) and the newly created layer is always at the very bottom of the list. If I execute the command and then move the layer in the layer menu (up, then back down), the layer list is now updated. If course it’s not a problem when there’s 3 layers, but when there’s 40+ layers (with sublayers) it gets a little annoying! I hope this helps?

Changelayer.zip (6.8 MB)

Regards, Jakob

FWIW, I cannot reproduce this here :open_mouth:
[Tested on RH5 SR13 64-bit and RH5 SR11 64-bit]