How do I reset import options / restore import pop-up box

I changed the AXIS direction for the default IGES import to Z up, and stupidly set the ‘do not ask again’ setting. I can’t find anything in the options to get it back?


I always wonder about that one as well (and therefore never check that box).
The help file says:

To turn the message back on
Click the Options button in the Save dialog box.

thanks, the strange thing is there is no options button in either the OPEN or SAVE Dialogue box, (using the widows OS dialogue) so I dont know if there’s something missing there???

Well, there isn’t if you save as 3dm but if you save as IGES there will be an “Options” button.

Note, if you just want to change a single setting or so and continue to have the options box hidden when importing, you can use -import. That way you can change settings on the command line.

@pascal, I my opinion, a setting for restoring the options dialog should be available when using the dashed command.

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yeah the save-as options pop up after you hit SAVE for an IGES, but no way of getting the IMPORT options back. Specifically I need to tell it which axis to read as up on import.

As far as I know, there are no import options for IGES, only export. There are import options for Step, Dxf/Dwg, etc. but not IGES…


Mitch is right (no surprise). I tested with a SKP file that I happened to have in the active import folder. Sorry for the confusion.

Regardless: @margaret, it looks like there might be some crossed wires in the help system. When I tested the skp import, I drag’n’dropped a file into Rhino and got a dialog box. I pressed the help button in that dialog and came to the entry that I quoted from above. Now, trying skp import again and this time checking the “Always use these settings” checkbox, I get a dialog box saying:

The SKP Import options dialog has been turned off. To edit SKP Import options use the Options button on the Open dialog (which, of course, makes more sense).

So, NOT the SAVE dialog box.

Also, this appears to be a bit tricky. That options button only appears in the Open dialog if you have turned off the options for that particular file format. The default filter is “All compatible file types (.)” and this won’t give you the options button even if you pick a file format that has the options turned off. You have to specifically set the filter to that file format.

[I guess I’ll just continue _not_ checking that box :wink:]


I have wished in the past for direct access to these settings via Options. Maybe for V6?

You CAN reset the dialog manually. But it takes some detective work and you have to go through Regedit…

First, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0x64\Plug-Ins

Now, you need to scroll down the list - highlight the first one and use the down arrow - 'till you find the plug-in you’re looking for.

Write down the GUID… Now go to:

...\5.0x64\Scheme: Default (or whatever)\Plug-ins

Now you need to find the same GUID as above in the list and go to the “Settings” key. In the right panel you can find the DontShowDialog value - which will be “y” if you had check the “don’t show” box - double click it and set it to “n”…

Like I said, not exactly the simplest way to do things… :wink:


Ok thanks heaps everyone, it seems beyond ridiculous that it’s that hard to reset options!

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Hi Wim- so, something like this

IGES Export Type ( ListTypes UnitSystem=Millimeter Tolerance=0.001 ShowOptionsDialog=No ):

Some room for confusion there it seems to me… but it might be OK.


Hi Pascal,
I was thinking import but same difference, I guess.
I see that this could be a bit confusing since one would set this option for the next time around (unless the box would be toggled real-time as the option is changed).

-import(browse, [misc. options], ImportOptions=visible)

ImportOptions(Visible, Hidden, Toggle)

No. The Save/Export dialog is only for exporting or saving. The Open/Import dialog works for opening or importing. I’ll fix the help. Thanks.

Hi all, hope to not be to so late, but you have a buton just next to open that says options.

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Is there a solution to this missing popup dialog box outside of the answer from @Helvetosaur ?

Hello - can you describe what dialog, for what command?


My apologize. This is user error: I confused the commands _Import and _Insert.

Back story: I recently checked the “Do not show this dialog again” to streamline opening a file with multiple references. There is a notice (after checking the box) that says I can ‘reinstate this dialog in the Import Options,’ or something similar.

Later, working on a different project, I mistook _Import for _Insert, expecting to see the dialog box (which does not show for _Import). When it did not appear, I searched for the missing Import Options box and then the forum for an answer.

Thanks for the quick reply!!

Revisiting this topic again because it causes a workflow problem with the Worksession manager when attaching DWG files.

At one point I checked the “Always use these settings box” on Workstation 1. Now, when attaching a DWG with Millimeter units, there is no longer an option to set the Import option model units to Meters. But, I do have these Import Options when using Workstation 2 therefore, I know the option exists.

Command sequence would be: _Worksession, _Attach, select file type DWG. Then “DWG/DXF Import Options” dialog box will popup as in photo above.

How can I get this Options box when importing dwgs on Workstation 1 ?

Hello- in the File>Open dialog, poke on Options.

and reset that to ask every time-


Are your screenshots from a path via the Worksession dialog?
“Options” do not exist for me there… (see 2nd image below)

“Options” exists for me in File>Open>dwg file type

Worksession>Attach>dwg file type has no “Options”

Imported file arrives at 1000 times too big.

File>Worksession>Attach>dwg file type chosen gets me this dialog box

Hi Kevin - OK, I see - I’ll have a look, thanks.