How do I delete all the input geometry in a Grasshopper Player definition?

I tried to write my first grasshopper player definition. All it does is take objects and move them so the lowest xyz point of their bounding box is at zero, with an option to offset them.

It works, except it copies the objects, it doesn’t move them, of course, because I don’t know how to delete the input.

Is there a grasshopper player component that deletes input?

Fit at (17.8 KB)

Hi Max -

There are no factory-default components that do anything with Rhino geometry. They all work with referenced geometry.

You can probably use a script (VB, Python, C#) to delete the Rhino geometry.

I tried one of the scripts I found here: Delete Rhino Objects via GUID

But it won’t work. Fit at (17.1 KB)

Seems like if Grasshopper Player is designed to run from rhino, maybe the “get” components that reference any form of geometry should have a “delete input?” prompt option?

Hi Max - This was discussed internally and the conclusion was that the context components will handle this. I’ve put it on the list as RH-60296 so that it doesn’t disappear between the cracks.

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I have the same problem (on mac). The grasshopper player even loads the geometry when I open a completely new rhino file that has not played any grasshopper definition at all. There is no way for me to delete this input geometry!? Do I have to reinstall rhino each time I use the grasshopper player? :smiley:

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This problem seems to be solved now. Thanks!

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For me, it hasn’t been solved, unfortunately…
Rhino loads copies whenever I start a new file & GH isn’t even open.
Is a solution being woked on?

Yes, the problem actually still exists.

Hi -

Rhino loads copies of what?
The request in the original post in this thread was solved by adding the Delete input after solve option on the Get Geometry component.
Please explain the problem that you are trying to solve. Note that you will probable have to supply a gh file that shows the issue.

The delete input option is not showing up on my Grasshopper Player components?

Do I need to download an update? My Rhino is up to date, and I searched Food4Rhino for “grasshopper player” and found nothing.

Hi Max -

RH-60296 was implemented in 7.13. If all goes right, a first Release Candidate should become available on Tuesday / Wednesday next week.