Grasshopper player with geometry pipeline

Hi al,

I would like to build a script wich can be used with the grasshopper player.
It consists of the following steps:

  1. get new line (real time)
  2. get existing lines (geometry pipeline)
  3. generate new lines and bake them
  4. delete existing lines after solve

I managed step 1 to 3, but deleting the existing geometry after solve would be a nice to have. Something like “Get Geometry” but without an input step (prompt) required. Is that possible?

placeline.3dm (131.5 KB) (8.6 KB)

Check this, i group the output and with Python i find the lines outside the group to delete them.
This action is needed for the first time to delete the original lines, after that all output results are grouped.

Groups can found by index , try to improve it to remove the old group by index and keep the new one. (10.0 KB)

Tank you @seghierkhaled!
It works nice!
However in general it would be nice if the “Get Geometry” component would have an option not to ask for input when running the command. This would ease a lot all fuctions in which well sorted geometry has to be modified. @wim are there any plans for adding this option?