Grasshopper Player (custom tools & wish list)


need ‘Copy’ option in the command line when referencing geometry

‘Get Integer’ needs ‘Undo’ option just like ‘Get Number’ component

‘Group’ option for ‘Context Bake’ component

if numerical input component (like Get Number) has a predefined value,
it would be nice to be able to just hit ‘Enter’ to keep that value in the command line
unless a different value is desired

a definition with ‘Solid Difference’ component slows the GHplayer down a lot

Otherwise, GHplayer is one of the best features added to a new release! you can now create
your own custom tools. Superb!


so far ~80 custom tools using GH player :sweat_smile:

new wish list:
-be able to delete input geometry after (this has been requested by someone else I think)
-group option for ‘Context Bake’ (from previous list)
-remote panel access
-support for loops


Impressive demo. Not only a great example of what can be done with ghplayer but gh in general. What did you use for making your icons? Those look great too.


thnx! Ai for icons (super simplified 32x32 shapes)


Outstanding work!

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testing ‘slider’ inside GH Player :upside_down_face:


Mind blown! Thanks, for sharing this unique and great workflow. :fire:

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Wait… how? That looks incredibly useful.

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it’s a cheap hack :sweat_smile:
main part is the gd o’ Kangaroo, and rest is cosmetics!


How did you manage to add a ghplayer toolbar in rhino?

that’s the custom tab (you can add it just like adding a regular ‘new’ tab) & add your own custom buttons.

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You @yelenaye can add yours request in my post

And this c# code maybe help for grasshopperplayer
Also i use it and help me



that delete ref geo script works perfectly! this makes using my custom tools much better & efficient now. incredibly cool! thnx for that info!

tweaking the sliders/knobs:

interesting quirk (when using more than 1 solver, the selection window appears :thinking:)



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What Steve said :slight_smile:

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Great work!

Just a guess, but maybe you can ‘activate’ one slider at a time based on mouse position?

Next up challenge: full 3D sliders and knobs :slight_smile:

weird question on this topic,
would it be possible to somehow intercept the event that triggers the Context Print and Context Bake in form of a boolean, in such a way it could trigger other things instead?

for instance, stupid example, instead of ContextBake I’d like to use Human and bake on my own new layer, so it would be really helpful to have a boolean that becomes True only when the GrasshopperPlayer script is almost fully executed, just before triggering the ContextPrint / ContextBake

that would be cool (tried doing a hack, didn’t go too well)

:sweat_smile: same setup, just more cosmetics :wink:

naturally, this had to be done next:


This is very cool.

I’m curious. For more “complicated” parametrically-driven models, how would you imagine that they expose their interfaces?

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