How could you achive this pattern in rhino?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I am just wondering how you could achieve creating this pattern in 3d rhino? What methods could be used? Greatful for all suggestions.

Do you have an application for this kind of patterning in mind?
Your question is rather vague. Have you tried to model this?

for the first image

Polyline, FilletCorners, Copy, TweenCurves, Loft

will give you something like this:

pleats.3dm (876.0 KB)
Plenty of ways to vary the original polyline to give you more depth variation. How you actually model something like this depends greatly on what you are making.

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Thank you! I want to replicate this to then use it to edit and manipulate the shape into a spatial organization for my design.

So you draw a polyline that follows the shape and then do yo FilletCorners the polyline you drew?
(Sorry I tired replicating your command process but it didnt work)

Yes, Is this where you got stuck? The Rhino file i uploaded has the polyline in it. The fillet radius i used was 50mm, but that’s dependant on the scale of your design.
Do you use grasshopper?