Hi, I found very interesting script on Youtube and Anyone can help with this?

I found structural pattern from Youtube, and it was really interesting because the definition starts with the surface, and as dividing more surfaces, it can make any form that is desired out of the surface in Rhino, it sticks to the surface so basically it can make literally any form that I want, but it is a bit laggy. If you think it is a meh, yes I’m a new to grashopper :confused: I attatched the file that I made, just put any surface you want to make.

Structural pattern.gh (16.4 KB)

Also, I was trying to create another pattern on the surface, the same pattern with this link;

Anyone could help me making that script for me? I understood the one I attached, but couldn’t make another pattern on the surface. The pattern would be this;

So, I wanted to make the pattern on the surface so that I can make avant-garde form of it, but really struggling with it now :confused:

Thank you!

The one in the video is origami ; it is not a pattern on surface

Hi Seghier, I’m sorry to make it confusing, I was referring to the pattern out of that origami.

can you draw or create 3d model in rhino of what you want exactly?

I haven’t created one, I wanted to make the pattern first, and apply it into the surface I want, but seems like I couldn’t make the pattern well, yes I made a pattern but, want to extrude out of the pattern(If you see the attached file, I want to make exactly same system but different pattern) but It was really hard to think or make a definition for that as I’m new to Grasshopper

your idea still not clear
you can’t convert your 2d image to a 3d? and in your file you already did a good job
try to find images similar to your idea or try to make 3d model manually

Hmm yea Good point tho, but I was trying to make the points going up and weave it (If it is the right direction but seems like it is not), and can make those out of the surface, so that It can be controlled by the surface, like, parametric pattern, so make the surface points on, and make a bunch of fluid surfaces or etc… Probably I would try more out of my file.

Thank you!

if i understand what you mean you can add scale component and you will control the surface and the grid

this is a video i made long time ago maybe will help you

Hey, Millions Thanks! That’s really a good video! and but I’m not sure how I can make the pattern that I want, I will have to try really hard out of my pattern. Also, the script on your description would help me a lot I will definitely try with that and tell you how it goes!

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