Help with fillets, please?

Hi, I’m trying to fillet the tops extruded letters, almost rounding them. When I get to a letter like “m” the fillets fail no matter what I seem to do. I’ve also tried piping the outline curve and splitting the polysurface with the pipe, then blending the surface edges. Doesn’t seem to work either. Also tried “applyedgesoftening” which kind of works, but when I Boolean the letters with other poly surfaces, it softens those edges, too, (which I don’t want) or, creates naked edges.

I’ve only been using rhino for about a year, so I’m pretty novice when it comes to the program. I’m hoping its an easy workaround and that some one can help me. Please?

thanks, Deb

See if this video tutorial is helpful:

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thank you!! Very helpful. I really appreciate it.