[Inquiry] How to make a surface pattern transforming into a funnel shaped profile

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all doing well in this time we live in.

I have a question on how to build something like this concept in Rhino.
I mainly use Sketchup, I did similar tasks like this object before and was able to do it fine but the time and method using Sketchup is not sustainable, imho.

I also have Rhino 7 program just lying around, only used it to convert files received from client (3dm to skp). So I’m thinking to learn it too maybe more efficient for complex tasks like this.

Basically It’s just a roof or flat surface that funnels down into a column, keeping the patterns in tact. I saved a screenshot showing the idea. I appreciate your advise.

Stay safe. Cheers!

Link to Screenshot:
Inquiry Rhino pattern|690x462

Dear CGonz,
Funnels can be dark and scary! downward spirals (Walter White comes to mind). Had a project commissioned to my firm few years back. Funnels and hexagons what they had in mind, little did they know about the space time continuum! Sharing a small snippets from the same. Hope this helps! Hex columns_V1.gh (17.2 KB)