How can we export Quad meshes to 3ds max with the new quad tools from Rhino7?

I make beautiful quad meshes in Rhino, and after converting to .obj or .stl, they become triangles again - how can the new tools help us to export clean meshes to 3ds max or other similar programs?

Hello - OBJ export should hold onto quads - do you find that it does not? STL is triangles only.


Yes, quad shapes, even very primitive ones, become triangular meshes upon export from rhino7 into 3ds max. It’s very frustrating

Hello - can you post an example? The Rhino object and the obj file you get from it…


I’m unable to reproduce this issue Importing to 3ds Max 2020 from Rhino 7 as obj with a quad mesh. I thought it might be the Import settings in Max but nothing I’ve tried causes quads to become tris.

In Rhino looks like the faces are not planar

Quads are not planar if the four corner verts don’t share a plane. The shaded display is a triangulated mesh of the model as well so that’s where the triangle edge across the quad is coming from. Flat shading makes this more obvious. For modeling purposes the polygon is still considered a quad and face selection should show that.

I have a similar situation where I’d like to export a quad mesh from Rhino to 3dsMax, however, I need to maintain quads as well as have 3dsMax recognize blocks (and convert them to instances).

It looks like this can be done with exporting the meshes as a dwg, however, I cannot find a way to maintain the nice quad structure of the mesh (the dwg export is removing a lot of edges). I’m not really sure what export options I can change to potentially fix this.

I don’t think an OBJ would maintain instances either.